Real Brides Reveal: Their Skincare Routine Before The Wedding!

Posted by Apoorva Pagar  20 April 2019 - Total Visitors 119

“I wasn’t much of a skincare person honestly before I got engaged. But I knew that I had a plethora of functions to attend to I started a basic regime which worked for me. Night cream, day cream, sunscreen and cleansing every day. Exfoliating once a week and masking 3-4 times a week. Also, try using products from the same brand if they suit you, I don’t know why they somehow work better together! “Very important – eat right and sleep on time. You can put products worth 10k on your face but it won’t look as good as eating right and sleeping on time. As brides, it is difficult but my trick to do this was to have a good breakfast. Loaded with fruits, some nuts and a juice or coconut water. That way even if I did eat unhealthy in another meal, my minimum quota was fulfilled. Trust me, it really helps!”


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